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SE - Sports Bring People Together - podcast cover

SE10 | Ann Lademann | Kids In Seats

Changing lives one ticket at a time. Today we speak with Ann Lademann, Executive Director of Kids In Seats. In this episode, we discuss attending sporting eventsstorytelling, and Kids In Seats. We hosted Ann in the office and instead of a typical podcast chat, we recorded our meeting. It’s not the best sound quality as it’s a documentary style podcast instead of an arranged podcast. We hope you enjoy it!


Kids In Seats is a non-profit organization that promotes achievement in disadvantaged youth by using event experiences as motivational tools to recognize and reward their academic achievement and positive social behavior. 

Ann’s desire and passion to reach more at-risk children led her to form Kids In Seats in March 2017 with Rae Anne McLaughlin.

At SportsEpreneur, we are partnering with Kids In Seats because we believe in their cause and we are excited to share their story with you.  

Ann’s success in and out of the business world has us excited to feature her on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 


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