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SE34 | Coach Alan Major | Talking the Great Game of Basketball

Let’s talk basketball. Today we speak with recurring podcast guest and basketball coach, Alan Major. In this episode, we discuss the length of basketball seasons, why a game matters, and the upcoming NCAA rule changes. 

With Coach Major taking a redshirt year, he was able to find time to come talk basketball with us. Coach Major is a former assistant at Ohio State, Xavier, and other schools. He is also the former head coach for UNC Charlotte.  

Eric had a lot of thoughts around basketball to talk through and who better to do this with than friend and former podcast guest, Alan Major. 

We are excited to feature Coach Alan Major on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Talking the Great Game of Basketball Podcast Headlines

The Importance of Aligning a Basketball Program

The Difference Between How Fans Think and How Coaches Think

The Length of a Basketball Season | College Basketball and NBA

Why a Game Matters

Upcoming NCAA Rule Changes


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