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SE09 | The Importance of Esports Gaming with Ty Biegerl

Esports is here and only getting bigger! Today we speak with Ty Biegerl, founder of Queen City Gaming. In this episode we discuss Esports gamingrepping your city, and how gaming can save lives. We hosted Ty in the office and instead of a typical podcast chat, we recorded our meeting. It’s not the best sound quality as it’s a documentary-style podcast instead of an arranged podcast. We hope you enjoy it!


Queen City Gaming is a community where people with a passion for video games can come and share their experiences, stories, and meet others with the same passion for video games.  

Ty shares stories from his time playing college football at the University of Nebraska and Gardner-Webb and also shares the story about how gaming saved his life.   

Esports gaming has been on a fast rise of late and is only getting biggerTy is a great example of the good in the Esports world. And as you will hear from Ty, his gaming company, Queen City Gaming came about because of his work ethic and passion.  

Ty’s success on and off the screen has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.


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