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SE05 | The Future of Soccer in the United States | Eric Kasimov

Soccer is here to stay whether you buy it or not. In this episode, we discuss the 7 reasons why I’m a bigtime buyer in the future of soccer in the United States. 

Internationally, soccer is the biggest sport. It’s just that in the Uit’s not. While it has grown over the years, it’s not there…Yet. 

But as I look ahead, I see an incredible future for soccer in the United States. 

After thinking, reading, studying, and asking, I have 7 reasons why I believe soccer has an enormous future in the US. 

The 7 reasons why I believe soccer has an enormous future in the United States:

0:38 | Length of games

3:28 | Branding

6:03 | Amount of leagues and tournaments

8:15 | Television rights

10:22 | Recognizable Players

12:15 | The potential in the United States market

14:15 | Football is at its peak


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