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SE01 | Galen Duncan via the Sacramento Kings and Detroit Lions | Professional Development in Sports

A true leader for athletes on and off the court. In this episode, we chatted with Galen Duncan. Galen was the  VP of Professional Development for the Sacramento Kings at the time this conversation took place. In this episode, we discuss NBA Super Teams and The Kings Way.  Galen was previously with the Detroit Lions. And he is currently with the University of Illinois Chicago. He is the Senior Associate Athletics Director – Health, Wellness, Performance.


Galen worked with the Kings players inside the Kings Academy program with a focus on players maturing into well-rounded professionals on and off the court.   

He previously was the Senior Director of Player Development for the Detroit Lions.  

Galen had a lot to say about leadership and mentorship, and of course, helping others on their journey. 

Galen’s success and leadership on and off the court have us excited to feature him on the SportsE+ Podcast.


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