The State of Major League Baseball with John Priore & Eric Kasimov | Coors Field
The State of Major League Baseball with John Priore & Eric Kasimov | Coors Field

SE15 | The State of Major League Baseball with Eric Kasimov

America’s Pastime. But is baseball just that, a past time? In this episode, we discuss the state of major league baseball.  

While financially, the MLB is growing, there seem to be some issues with the sport.  

As we look ahead, we discuss some of the issues we believe are going on with Major League Baseball. And look at some ways baseball could get back to being that past time so many love 

I am sure the house is divided on the state of Major League Baseball. Regardless of your opinion, we are fascinated by all of it. Do let us know your thoughts and we can feature them on a future episode. 

The State of Major League Baseball Podcast Headlines

Have a Great Day at the Ballpark

Ballparks Matter

Too Many Strikeouts are Bad for MLB 

Branding Players (this may be the one that impacts the state of major league baseball the most)

Give Me Access

There is Potential for Major League Baseball

Ballgame on in the Background

Joint Ventures for MLB with companies like Pandora, Spotify, Facebook

While this podcast was published on May 31, 2019, the conversation about baseball still exists. In fact, MLB is considering a change to its playoff format. While we are unsure of the format, we do think baseball thinking differently about their product is necessary. But I do think the championship or bust mentality that exists in sports is getting in the way of a good thing.

Sure, October is a big month for baseball, but baseball spring training starts in February. There is much more to the sport than just the one-month playoffs. More should be done to allow fans and potential fans to consume the content. The content is what brings people in. Then they perhaps will want more. By more I mean they will want to buy tickets, gear, other access, and more. Right now it is hard to consume content. The MLB Extra Innings package blocks out nearby markets. Want more potential fans, give them access to the games, the players (think branding and social media), and the behind the scenes. 

The state of major league baseball — an ongoing conversation!

And we haven’t even scratched the surface of the Houston Astros cheating scandal.


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