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Podcast Review: Sports Marketing Huddle, Rob Cressy

There are podcasts you just like. And then there are those podcasts that pull you in like a great Netflix show. Binge time!

It doesn’t have to be a mainstream podcast. It doesn’t have to be the kind of thing that appeals to everybody. But when I find a podcast that addresses both sports and marketing in an intelligent, engaging, and novel way—well, you can see why I’d be into it.

As the creator of SportsEpreneur.com, a podcast like that is right up my ally.

How did I learn about Sports Marketing Huddle Podcast?

I was in a meeting with Ann Lademann in our office. We were talking sports (shocking I know), in connection with Kids In Seats, a 501c3 that gives high-achieving but underprivileged kids the chance to attend sporting events they otherwise could not get to. We are partnering with Kids In Seats because we believe in their cause.

We were already featuring Kids in Seats on our podcast, but Ann mentioned that the group might be on a podcast, too. She told me the host is a man name Rob Cressy, founder and owner of Bacon Sports. Interesting, I thought.

After the meeting, I realized I needed to eat. I’d been working hard all morning and I needed some down-time, too. So I got in the car and went to a local Vietnamese restaurant. It was past the typical lunch hour so not so crowded. I sat down, ordered, and then hit play on The Sports Marketing Huddle Podcast a creation by the host Rob Cressy.

I was hooked.

From Cressy’s enthusiasm, to his desire to truly impact a million people, to his love of sports, to his knowledge of how brands in and around the world of sports are missing the boat, to his discussion of why podcasting is so important…everything about the show told me this is something I need and want to listen to regularly.

Cressy’s conversations with his interviewees, including Founder of ESPN, Bill Rasmussen, and Megan Wells of Two Birds Films, are deeply informative. You could learn so much about the sports marketing world, branding, creating content, how sports teams think, how brands think, the future of esports and sports gambling, the future of a like-minded founder in company, and many other topics.

I left an Apple Podcast review, but I want to do more to spread the word. I don’t owe Rob anything, and this certainly isn’t a paid review. It’s just that when I find a resource that can help other entrepreneurs, I want to share it as widely as possible—and I want to give back to the person who created such a great resource by spreading the word. Posting a review on my own platform is one way I can do that.

Perhaps posts like this will inspire someone else to do the same for the things they like, whether that’s a podcast, a presentation, a book, or whatever else. Spread the word—it’s a win for everybody.

What truly resonated with me about Sports Marketing Huddle Podcast?

Rob really nailed it out of the ballpark when he talked about why people should podcast.

If you want people to learn about you, understand your brand, your voice, what you stand for, what you believe in, then create audio content. Your audience can listen any time, so you have the same convenience factor as social media posting, but you get a lot more of your listener’s attention—maybe five minutes or 30 minutes, instead of ten seconds. That time gives you the possibility of depth—you can give (and receive) a lot more value for basically the same amount of work as a well-crafted Instagram story. Nothing hits up so many aspects of branding in one shot than a podcast. It’s why I think, “you should have a podcast” (here’s the article on that).

Wrap Up

At SportsEpreneur we want to drive entrepreneurs to “pursue amazing,” and we want to surround ourselves with amazing people—even if that just means having them in our ears in the form of a podcast.

We encourage you to check out Rob Cressy’s, The Sports Marketing Huddle Podcast


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