Tom Murphy | Learn Work Ethic from a Professional Catcher | SE Podcast
Tom Murphy | Learn Work Ethic from a Professional Catcher | SE Podcast

SE08 | Tom Murphy | Catcher for the Seattle Mariners

It’s time to learn lessons from a major league ballplayer! This conversation features Tom Murphy, catcher for the Seattle Mariners. In this episode, we discuss the Major League Baseball Journey, The Seattle Mariners, and youth baseball. 

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Tom has also played for the Colorado Rockies. Before his time in professional baseball, Tom played collegiate ball at the University at Buffalo. Tom shares stories from his time playing little league baseball in Upstate, New York to becoming a major leaguer to moving this past offseason from the Rockies to the San Francisco Giants to the Mariners. 

We always talk about finding the positive and Tom showcases his positive mindset in this conversation. And as you will hear from Tom, it’s born from hard work and great effort. 

Tom’s success on and off the field has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

Here’s a clip from this podcast. In this clip, Tom talks about the parents’ ego when it comes to youth sports:

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