Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article
Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

SE24 | The Good and Bad in Sports Media | The Gametime Guru & The SE Team

Sports media wants your clicksAs sports fans, it’s often hard to be unbiased. Being real and genuine goes a long way, and often, sports media is not real or genuine.  

With today’s tools, there are ways to find (or create) the platform you want to see. In this episode, we talk about the good and the bad in sports media.   

We had Shane Larson, the host of The Gametime Guru Podcast, share his thoughts on this topic in this episode. 

Read the article, “Sports Media Wants Your Clicks– Especially YOU Buckeye Fans” on the SportsEpreneur blog.

Topics around sports media that are discussed in this episode include Charles Barkley and Auburn University, Kirk Herbstreit and the Ohio State Buckeyes, Mark May of ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys, the SEC, and more.


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