Stu Stone | Jack of All Trades | SportsEpreneur Podcast
Stu Stone | Jack of All Trades | SportsEpreneur Podcast

SE14 | Stu Stone | Jack of All Trades

Taking you back to the baseball card era. Today we speak with Stu StoneDirector of the sports documentary, Jack of All Trades. In this episode, we discuss baseball cards, authenticity, and Jack of All Trades  

Stu Stone is an actor and writer from Ontario, Canada. He is best known for his work on Donnie Darko, The Boys Club, and Jack of All Trades.   

Jack of All Trades is a documentary that gives an investigative look into the baseball card scandal during the 1990’s. This documentary, of course, has a major left turn. 

Stu provides behind the scenes stories from his time directing and creating the documentary to his story growing up in the card collecting era.

Stu’s success on and off the screen has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 


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