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The Positive No

“The Positive No” is an “I am a SportsEpreneur” guest post written by Eric Paredes. If you are a SportsEpreneur, let us know.

According to the dictionary, “No” is used to give a negative answer to a question or choice. From a young age, we all learn to associate the word “No” with being deprived of something. And we even use the word ourselves that way in our daily communication.

This peculiar word has made us feel frustration, disappointment, sadness, anger, or other feelings that little by little, limit us in our activities or capacities, or even limit our potential.

But the word also has a positive side. It is a challenging word, and as the years pass, I have realized that “No” pushes us to do something better and greater.

What does “No” mean for SportsEpreneurs? Nothing less than the start of a new journey of achievement.

What happens when SportsEpreneurs are not given an opportunity? They create their own opportunities.

What happens when SportsEpreneurs are not given a product to sell? They create their own products.

What happens when nobody trusts SportsEpreneurs? They demonstrate their trustworthiness and prove everyone else wrong.

What happens when someone says no to SportsEpreneurs? They search for better options—and find opportunities that are ten times better than the ones they were denied!

Just as in sports, in business SportsEpreneurs do not give up. They don’t rest until they achieve their best. Sooner or later, the whole world will see what the Sportsepreneur can achieve.

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