Pro Talk with Todd Cantwell, Mark-Anthony Kaye & World Class Footballers

Welcome to the second episode of the Pro Talk Podcast Series hosted by Mo Ali Heydarpour on SportsEpreneur. Featuring Todd Cantwell of Norwich City, Mark-Anthony Kaye of Los Angeles FC, and footballers from around the world!

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In the Pro Talk Podcast Series, footballer and trainer, Mo Ali talks with some of the best footballers around the world.

In this second episode of the Pro Talk Podcast Series, Mo talks with world-class footballers, Kelle Roos (Goalkeeper, Derby County Football Club of the EFL), Mark-Anthony Kaye (Midfielder, Los Angeles FC of the MLS), Todd Cantwell (Midfielder, Norwich City of the Premier League), and Jorn Brondeel (Goalkeeper, FC Twente Enschede of Eredivisie). These great footballers answer questions from Mo Ali and fans about training, experiences, and their football careers. 

Time Stamps For Footballers on Episode 2 of Pro Talk with Mo Ali | Kelle Roos, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Todd Cantwell, and Jorn Brondeel

01:35 | Kelle Roos of Derby County Football Club

16:55 | Mark-Anthony Kaye of Los Angeles FC

41:52 | Todd Cantwell of Norwich City

54:15 | Jorn Brondeel of FC Twente


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