Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article
Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Professional Soccer Goalkeeper Talks Readiness

“It’s about being ready for your moment… It’s good to be pissed off and it’s good to keep that fire burning because ultimately that’s what is going to keep you going and keep you pushing for more.” – Professional Soccer Goalkeeper, Jeff Attinella.

In this inspiring SE podcast episode, we revisit a discussion Eric Kasimov had with Portland Timbers’ goalkeeper, Jeff Attinella.

Jeff talks about being mentally and physically ready for that moment when you’re called on to the field. He also discusses the future of United States soccer on a global scale and how ruthless professional sports can be–Jeff would know as he is an MLS goalkeeper.

The moments for goalkeepers in soccer can often be few and far between. Whether it is in-game or between games. It’s not uncommon for a goalkeeper to see very little in-game action and then have to make a critical save in the closing minutes. And with there being only one starting goalkeeper spot available for a team, it’s not uncommon for a backup keeper to have to wait for their time to play.

No matter when that moment comes, we all know being ready is key. That’s why we are fascinated by the keeper position in soccer. There are few positions like it in sports. And we can learn so much from a keeper at a high level of soccer.

Besides being a goalkeeper, Jeff is a husband, father, and content creator. A creator in the sense that he is a podcast host and children’s book author. His children’s books can be found on his publishing platform, or Amazon. After you spend time listening to Jeff and learning about his story, you will absolutely be drawn to his content. Listen to more of Jeff’s story | Episode 27 on the SE Podcast.


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