The Psychology of a Goalkeeper with Lee Robinson | SportsEpreneur
The Psychology of a Goalkeeper with Lee Robinson | SportsEpreneur

SE63 | The Psychology of a Goalkeeper with Lee Robinson

An episode all about the psychology of a goalkeeper featuring Lee Robinson, of The Modern Day GK. We discuss what it takes to be an outstanding goalkeeper. Lee talks about the mentality of a goalkeeper, how talent is not solely the way to stand out, and why it’s important to focus on skills and mindset development.

As you may remember, we had the opportunity to host Mark Robinson (Lee’s brother) on the podcast. You can listen to that episode here. The moment I met Mark and Lee via LinkedIn and Instagram, I came away impressed. Sure, their thoughts on goalkeeping and their training styles are fantastic. But it was their mindset and support of the goalkeeping community around the world that really drew me in.

I’ve continued to communicate with Lee and Mark though social media and WhatsApp. It’s amazing how I can connect with leaders in the goalkeeping world of football at any moment. Social media and podcasting brought us together with an ocean apart. Being a fan of English Premier League Football and all English football for that matter, it’s an honor to have a conversation with footballers in the UK. The Modern Day GK helps everyone who takes in their content understand the game better–and more than anything, they help with mindset. That goes for keepers or anyone in sports and business.

With a focus on the psychology of a goalkeeper, Lee shares his story and thoughts on what it takes to be a great goalie on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

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