SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters
SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

RAV | Discussing the Struggles of Life After Hockey with Josh Gratton

Transitioning to life after a sport that you’ve spend your life in can be tough. Josh Gratton knows all about the struggles that this transition can bring. In this episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake chats with professional hockey player, Josh Gratton. 

On this episode, Jake had former NHL player Josh Gratton join him to speak about his journey in the game and life after hockey. It was an honor to share stories and specifically when he asked Jake to fight during a game they played against each other in Finland.
Enjoy as we go down Josh’s path and learn more about his journey in regards to mental health. This conversation with Jake and Josh is truly raw, authentic, and vulnerable.

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RAV = Raw, Authentic, and Vulnerable. This podcast series hosted by Jake Newton is centered around mental health and specifically, mental health in sports. 

We had the pleasure of building a relationship with Jake Newton through the SportsEpreneur platform. It started on social media (Instagram and LinkedIn). It led to many messages, conversations, a podcast recording, more communication, and now this. We look forward to collaborating with him and sharing this content on our platform. We hope you enjoy the RAV Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur with Jake Newton. Raw, Authentic, and Vulnerable.




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