SE Out There | Take Action by Shane Larson of The Gametime Guru

SE Out There | Take Action by Shane Larson, The Gametime Guru

SE Out There. Take Action

What is SE Out There: We come across a lot of great sports colliding with entrepreneurship content out there. And we want to share it with you–for them. It’s out there and now we bring it in here. Not just any content, but content that strikes our fancy. This piece is momentum. Yeah, that’s it–that simple. Coming from someone that did exactly what he shares just means more. You’ll see…
Who is the creator: This piece comes from The Gametime Guru himself, Shane Larsen via LinkedIn. Check out The Gametime Guru Podcast. Shane wanted to be in the sports industry so he found his own path. Who needs ESPN when you are a creator. Connect with Shane on Instagram and LinkedIn—he’ll engage with you and possibly use that conversation in a future podcast. He’s even engaged with us on a written interview talking about how he is a SportsEpreneur. You should give it a read.
And now to this “SE Out There” post…
The goods: As a leader, it’s important to lead through my actions. ⁣

I have two little boys who look up to me for guidance. And my actions are what will ultimately set the example. ⁣

I can’t look my kids in the face and say “shoot for your dreams” only to have them look back and say: ⁣

👨‍👦‍👦 “What did you want to be? And why didn’t you do that?” ⁣

I have to set the example! I have to show them it’s okay to take risks. It’s okay to put yourself out there.⁣

I refuse to settle and say it’s because I was “comfortable.” ⁣

▶️ If you want to produce a podcast, and take it to the next level, DO IT! Take action. If you want to play professional sports, DO IT! But you first must take action. If you want to be more spiritual. DO IT!! But you must act. ⁣

For far too long I was guilty of a lot of talk (great ideas), and NO ACTION. My kids helped change my perspective on all of that. ⁣

It has been an absolute game-changer for me and I know it is a game-changer for many others! ⁣
The Gametime Guru’s Bottom Line: Take Action!

SE’s Bottom Line: Have an idea? Create something. Think of a domain, build a website, start a podcast (or blog or something) and lean into it. If you lose interest or you don’t see it working, refine and/or start over. Just keep trying. And if you have doubts (which you will!), trigger that emotional why. Maybe it’s your kids and family like it is for Shane. To say it in two words: Take Action! 

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