SE Out There | Brady and Mahomes by Michael Elkins of MLE Law

SE Out There. Brady and Mahomes.

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And now to this “SE Out There” post…
The goods: What can we learn from Brady v. Mahomes?
🕰 Age is just a number. People telling you you’re too young? Don’t listen. People telling you you’re too old? Don’t listen.
🗣 What outsiders think of your ability doesn’t matter. Brady was drafted 199, Mahomes was drafted 10. People telling you didn’t go to the right school, didn’t grow up in the right zip code, don’t have the right training? Don’t listen.
Michael’s Bottom Line: Don’t listen to the noise! You can do anything you want, there are no limitations!

SE’s Bottom Line: What Michael said! Oh, and Michael is the former chairman of The Tom Brady Fan Club. So writing about Tampa Tom couldn’t have been easy! You truly can do anything!

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