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Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs is a fitness in the workplace post from John Priore | KazFit

You walk into the office in the morning, your legs still not completely awake after your commute to work, and you approach the door. Do you take the elevator or take the stairs? 

This choice may seem like a no-brainer and most people will take the elevator. But as fitness in the workplace enthusiasts, we want you to second-guess that impulse and take the stairs. 

Sure, taking the stairs can cause shortness of breath and could even cause some sweat in your nice work clothes. But, just like anything else, the more you do it, the more fit you will become and the easier climbing stairs will get. As for your clothes, try keeping an extra outfit around your office or in your bag in case of emergencies! 

You don’t have to take the stairs every time you come and go. If you have a pile of packages or you’ve just hurt your foot, take advantage of technology! But don’t just take the easier option without thinking about it. 

Our office is on the third floor. Three flights of stairs is nothing to take lightly. However, when you are stuck in the office for most of your day, you have to find creative ways to stay active. 

If you do, you’ll come to look forward to those trips up and down the stairs, because of how much better you’ll feel. Your body will thank you, too. 

Next time you do something active in the workplace, plug in the headphones and check out our podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives.