SportsMatterz | Small School College Athletes Should Create Content, Now!

Just like a coach in basketball, college athletes need coaches for their content creation and marketing. In this SportsMatterz episode, we have a conversation about a journey in the basketball world including time as a player, coach, and trainer. We get into why athletes should create content in the first place and how athletes can seek help for their content marketing. 

With Name, Image, and Likeness officially in play, athletes now have this unprecedented opportunity to stand out by creating content while still in college. A former player at Nazareth College talks about how athletes at smaller division 3 schools can get started on their content creation journey.

With a focus on content creation in the sports world, we are excited to bring you this episode in the series of SportsMatterz.

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SportsMatterz | Small School College Athletes Should Create Content, Now! | Former College Basketball Player at Nazareth College 

Why Athletes Should Create Content

How Name, Image, Likeness Can Benefit Athletes

Standing Out as a Small School Athlete

Coaching Athletes on Content Creation and Marketing

SE and KazCM

Creativity in Marketing

A Story of How Content Marketing Works

Small School College Athletes Should Create Content, Now!




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