Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez | Kronis Soccer | Kaz
Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez | Kronis Soccer | Kaz

SE39 | Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur, Abdel Rodriguez of Kronis

The mentality of a soccer goalkeeper and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode, we speak with Abdel Rodrigues, soccer goalkeeper, trainer, and founder of Kronis. We discuss USA soccer, the immigrant mindset, and youth sports.  

In Abdel’s incredible journey, one thing remains the same–passion. You’ll hear from Abdel the story of how, at a young age, he fell in love with the game of soccer and, ultimately, the position of soccer goalkeeper. Since then, he has never lost his passion for it. Now, Abdel makes his living training soccer goalkeepers, playing the sport he loves, and selling soccer goalkeeper gear.

As a result of Abdel’s passion, mindset, and work ethic, as well as our own interest in the game of soccer, we are excited to chat with him on The Sports Backdrop Podcast.

Headlines for Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur Abdel Rodriguez of Kronis:

The Immigrant Mindset

Soccer in the United States of America

The Costs Involved in Youth Soccer

The Mindset of a Goalkeeper

Turning Your Passion Into a Business

Kronis Academy

The Importance of Social Media in Business


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