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SE36 | Sports and Business Collide in a Podcast Chat with Rob Cressy

Talking the evolving world of content, marketing, and relationship building. Today we speak with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports to discuss unique relationship building, how content helps drive new business, and the podcasting-LinkedIn combination.

We are excited to chat with Rob Cressy on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

Sports and Business Collide in a Podcast Chat with Rob Cressy Headlines

Spreading Positive Vibes

Putting Yourself Out There

The Importance of Creating Content for Business

Why You Should Have a Podcast

How to Measure Success

Sports Gambling, Esports, and Sports Collectibles


It must be said that this conversation started after Eric heard about Rob Cressy in a meeting with Ann Lademann of Kids In Seats. Coming away impressed with Rob’s podcast, Eric reached out to Rob via LinkedIn.

They had some back and forth on LinkedIn and email–ultimately it led to a phone chat and more messaging. And now this podcast episode.

The point of saying all that is Rob and Eric do not connect if Rob doesn’t have a podcast and likewise if Eric doesn’t have a podcast. And it also must be stated that with them both being active on LinkedIn, it allowed for the communication to happen. Content works. Podcasting works. Engagement on social media works. It can lead to what we hope you will think is a conversation you can learn from. Rob, Eric, and their teams at KazSource and Bacon Sports have learned from it. We hope you enjoy this podcast chat!

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