Sports Culture | England vs USA
Sports Culture | England vs USA

Sports Culture | England vs USA

Across the Atlantic, there is a unique sports culture. And no matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, England’s or the USA’s, the sports culture is fascinating. Everything from relegation, history, depth, drafts, transfer windows, passion, youth sports, and much more. In the latest episode of “The Sports Backdrop” podcast, Eric Kasimov of the United States along with Jim James of England explore how sports can serve as a platform for larger discussions, using football (soccer) as the case study for the day.

The conversation starts with the cultural differences between sports in the US and the UK, primarily focusing on football. The Premier League’s system of relegation and promotion is a unique aspect of English football (and other international leagues), which contrasts starkly with the US sports model where no such relegation exists.

They then move on to discuss the differences in the collegiate sports systems of the two countries. While US universities serve as training grounds for athletes with scholarships, UK universities don’t have a similar emphasis on sports. This divergence has led to unique opportunities for international students, including the chance to compete in the US collegiate sports scene.

Another point of discussion was the sports infrastructure in both countries. In the UK, there are so many teams across different divisions, providing a depth of competition. In contrast, the US has a more singular focus, but with larger sports enterprises and substantial financial involvement.

The conversation further extends to the commercialization of youth sports in the US, where participation can cost thousands of dollars, contrasting with the UK where the cost is significantly lower. This leads to an interesting discussion about the growing entrepreneurial opportunities within sports, particularly around major events and famous athletes.

Finally, these entrepreneurs discuss the notion of career paths in today’s society, emphasizing that traditional linear careers are becoming less common. They propose that interests and personal fascinations can guide individuals to learn new skills and gain experiences that may not be directly linked to their fields of study.

In conclusion, the episode provides an engaging comparison of sports cultures and their influence on society, education, and business in the UK and the US. It also provides insights into the emerging trend of career exploration driven by personal interest and entrepreneurial spirit.

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About Jim James:
Jim James, our guest for this sports culture episode, is a truly global entrepreneur with a particular passion for the unnoticed. Hailing from the UK, Jim’s entrepreneurial journey took flight in Singapore in 1995, when he founded his PR firm, EASTWEST. Over the years, he expanded his business horizons by importing Morgan Motor cars and playing key roles in the British Chamber of Commerce and Lotus Cars, all while stationed in Beijing. With lived experiences in Africa and America, Jim’s global perspective has been key in shaping the diverse voices of his podcast, The Unnoticed Entrepreneur. Now back in the UK, he has sold his PR agency, taken up the Chairman role, and has been focusing on The Unnoticed Entrepreneur project, an initiative born during the COVID crisis to assist fellow entrepreneurs.