SportsEpreneur is a content platform, collaborative team, and sports marketing brand that is all about showcasing stories, lessons, athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, and difference-makers in and around the world of sports.

While we create our own content, we also create content with you. This includes collaborative content and exclusive content for your brand. Content includes podcasts, blogs, social media, emails, and more.

SportsEpreneur is a KazSource brand. And at KazSource we have a content marketing company, KazCM. That’s where we help those in the following areas communicate their stories: self-betterment, entrepreneurship, thought leadership, the insurance industry, and business ownership.

SportsEpreneur Sports Marketing is the same thing, but specifically niched for those in the sports industry. That includes sports businesses, athletes, managers, coaches, trainers, and business leaders in the sports market.

The bottom line is we want to help with your sports related brand, sports marketing, and story.

Julie Cole – Former LPGA Player

“The team at SportsEpreneur has been incredible to work with in developing my personal brand. They are informative, educational and do a great job with details. I highly recommend the company and their high quality standards.”

Sports Marketing services offered to those in and around the world of sports

Marketing strategy

Content creation

Podcast production services

Content marketing

Branding for you and your business

Blog writing and blog editing

LinkedIn build out and LinkedIn management

Facebook building and development

Collaboration on content on the SportsEpreneur platform

Web development

Email campaign management

Twitter consulting

Instagram servies including posting, engaging, direct messaging, and Instagram strategy