The Sports Metaverse | with SimWin Sports CMO Tom Goedde
The Sports Metaverse | with SimWin Sports CMO Tom Goedde

The Sports Metaverse | SimWin Sports CMO, Tom Goedde

The sports metaverse has arrived and SimWin Sports is changing the game! It’s predicted that by the year 2030, the metaverse market size will be $824 Billion! And with what SimWin Sports is building and who is involved, you have to pay attention. And we have to talk about it…

Luckily, we get to talk to the architect of legendary brands and the Chief Marketing Officer of SimWin Sports (Tom Goedde) to learn all about this sports metaverse. But first, legendary brands? Yes.

Tom Goedde’s history in the gaming and sports industry is serious. Here’s a quick rundown:

EA SPORTS | Vice President, Global Product, Brand, and Athlete Marketing

DraftKings | Chief Marketing Officer

Humongous Entertainment | Marketing Manager

Besides those impressive roles, Tom Goedde is an investor, advisor, and mentor — driving the convergence of sports, real money gaming, and video gaming.

It’s no wonder Tom is part of the team at SimWin Sports.

Sports Metaverse and SimWin topics discussed with CMO, Tom Goedde:

Digital sports league and fantasy football – that is SimWin Sports

– Impact of NFTs / Metaverse / Web3 on the fantasy sports industry

Manipulation and ethics in the metaverse

Sports bring people together

EA SPORTS and DraftKings stories

Nate Burleson playoff game broadcast on Nickelodeon

Interoperability with gaming in the metaverse

Fantasy sports needs updating – is SimWin the answer

Lamelo Ball, Magic Johnson, and other celebrity owners

The importance of community in Web3

More about SimWin Sports

The Game:

SimWin Sports is the virtual sports metaverse that fuels non-stop fantasy sports and sports betting action with NFT players and Hall of Fame owners. Owners include Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Tracy McGrady, and LaMelo Ball. And in May 2023, SimWin partnered with Autograph, an iGaming platform, co-founded by Tom Brady.

SimWin Sports Games are live simulations streamed to any connected device, anywhere in the world, every second.


The SimWin Sports Metaverse is built entirely of NFTs. Every team, player, and trainer is an NFT. You can be an owner or an agent.

Fantasy Sports:

SimWin Sports has live fantasy contests going every minute of every day. As they say, the action is on-demand. You can join season-long or daily fantasy sports contests by drafting your favorite virtual players in contests that pay out frequently.

Virtual Player Training:

NFT Player Agents can train their athletes whenever they are not on an active team roster. Once you own a player, you can get them in the gym. SimWin`s Training Mini-Game is made up of Gyms, Training Stations, Trainers, and Training Aides, each with different levels of rarity.  (source)

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Web3 | So Many Questions! | A Podcast Series | and a Sports Metaverse episode

Web3 is happening so fast—or at least that’s what it seems like. In actuality, there is time—a lot of time. It’s very early in the Web3 world. It’s also very confusing (maybe because there are so many buzzwords or maybe it’s because there are a lot of people promising a bright future). I’d say it’s best to talk to those in the space. And that’s where this Web3 dialogue (podcast series) is coming from. It’s an opportunity to share space with those that have experience, stories, and proof of concept related to all things Web3. This episode just so happens to hone in on all things sports metaverse.

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