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SE - Sports Bring People Together - podcast cover

SE51 | The Sports Philanthropy Network with Roy Kessel Featuring Eric Kasimov and His Path to Creating Sports Content

Connecting to the sports world through content. Eric had the privilege of being featured on The Sports Philanthropy Network with Roy Kessel. Eric and Roy discuss opportunities in content creation, launching SportsEpreneur, and an athlete’s transition to life after sports. 

Creating genuine content as a current or former athlete, sports fan, or business professional can go a long way in building your brand on and off the field. Roy is all about spreading a message that is genuine. While that word is thrown around a lot, we do know people that live it. That’s why it was important for Eric to spend time chatting with Roy Kessel on his podcast.

Their connection started on LinkedIn. It led to a phone chat and then emails–and eventually a Zoom call where they hit the record button. Be sure to check out Roy’s podcast on his network.

We are excited to collaborate with Roy Kessel on his podcast and feature the episode on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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The Sports Philanthropy Network with Roy Kessel and Eric Kasimov Headlines

Eric’s Background in Insurance and Business Opportunities

The Importance of Storytelling and Content Creation 

How Eric Starts The Process of Identifying the Story

The Launch of SportsEpreneur 

SportsEpreneur’s Differentiating Factors 

The Sports Philanthropy Network

The Key Is Authenticity as Proven by The Sports Philanthropy Network

Assisting Athletes with Transitions from Sports to Life After Sports

Attracting Crowds During and After Your Career 

What Eric Would Do as The MLS Soccer Commissioner 

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