Sports Tears People Apart

Sports Tear People Apart

Sports Tear People About is a blog by Mason Kasimov.

Sports bring people together, but sports also tear people apart. This happens because people like different teams, sports, athletes, or coaches and get into arguments about which is better. It’s mostly opinion-based or not worth an argument. Now there are ways for people to get along through sports, but right now I think sports are causing separations, especially because of social media.

People argue about who the best players are. In every sport, there are arguments about who is the best and why. I see soccer fans fight over Messi and Ronaldo, basketball fans over Jordan and James, Ali and Tyson in boxing, and so on. I respect people standing up for what they believe in, but fans are getting into arguments. Instead of basketball fans talking about the greatness of Jordan and James, they hate each other. This causes separation because neither one wants to have a conversation, they just want to be right. Fans are hating simply because someone disagrees with them.

I also see sports fans disliking each other for liking different teams. I’m an Ohio State fan, and I hate that team up north, but I couldn’t care less if someone else liked them. I also don’t think less of people for going to Michigan because it doesn’t matter. People should be fans of whomever they want—my sister is a Jacksonville Jaguars fan because, in The Good Place, a TV show, the team is mentioned a lot. Everyone has a reason for liking a team, and it’s better to just respect it rather than hate it. Fans are what makes sports great, and it’s time people accept that not everyone is going to like the same team as them. The little rivalries are not worth it.

Some of the biggest debates I’ve seen on social media are debates about which sport is better. That is completely opinion-based, and it’s silly to get mad about. Someone may love football, but think soccer is stupid. That’s their opinion, and I do think it’s weird to hate an entire sport. I may find some sports boring to watch or play, but I’m not going to hate someone who likes that sport. I love the sports world so much, and I don’t want to be a part of what ruins the sports community. Sports fans should respect other fans, no matter what sport they may like.

Instead of everyone arguing when it comes to sports, people should find it as a way to bond. If you see a fan of a rival team, go talk and have fun with them, don’t hate them. I’ve had Michigan fans give me some light teasing for being a Buckeye fan, and honestly, I have fun with it. That’s what sports are about, having fun. We play, watch, and talk about sports for entertainment, which is why we don’t need petty rivalries. Sports are meant to bring people together, not pull us apart.

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