Where Do I Even Start With Social Media?

Social Media

Where Do I Even Start With Social Media?

Social Media can be fun. It can also be time consuming, confusing and downright frustrating. And with the addition of more social media platforms everyday it has become overwhelming. Not to mention, each platform changes so much it is hard to even keep track.

People are telling you to get your business on social media and like many others, you probably get on it and then give it a lot of time and over the course of a few months you realize it is too much to keep up with.

So how do you manage your social marketing?

Here are some links to articles to get you thinking about how to best use social media marketing in your business:


An article about how a college football program built its brand quickly using social media.

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A quick how-to on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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A popular article that shows how social media marketing opportunities are everywhere.

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Is Twitter still relevant? We think so.

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We see residential real estate as a huge growth area for social media.

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Feedly is out go-to reader, but how can you utilize it for your social marketing?

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Snapchat? Really? Yes. Oh and now Instagram Stories!

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But does social selling work? YES!

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You asked, here it is, our top 3 social media networks for professional services businesses in the year 2017.

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Original content is critical to your success.

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What’s the worst thing that will happen if I spend time creating content?

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Stories are hard to come up with, so here is a story about how we come up with some of our stories.

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Times have changed in business and this article looks at that.

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There’s 1 simple reason to create original content and we address that here.

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