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Stop Jumping Offsides!

You’ve seen it before. It’s third and two. If the defense stops them, the momentum will turn.

The quarterback calls out his cadence–the stadium thunders–this is it!


The defense jumps offsides before the play even happens. 5 yard penalty. First down for the offense.

This is what I think about when someone I don’t even know sends me an email or a private message all about how great they are, how great their product or service is, and how I should hurry up and call them.

Yes, let me get right on that! Right after I hit the delete button.

How can I trust someone, how can I decide if I want to work with them, if I don’t have a clue who they are? These people had their chance and they blew it because they moved too soon.

Now once in a while you may get away with a cold-called offer. You might make a sale, just like once in a while the referee will miss the lineman jumping offsides. But it’s not a reliable tactic.

Yes, I get that we all want success and we want it now. We all love immediate gratification. But the reality is success takes time—and timing. Wait for your prospect to give you an opening. Once that happens, by all means, give the prospect the value.

Now, if someone emails me with a comment or a question about me or my company (proving they actually took the time to do some research), then maybe they get the time of day.

Provide value, show interest, care about what your prospect is doing. And for goodness sakes–stop jumping offsides!!!