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Sustained Success is Best

A quick look back at the 2018 College Basketball National Champions, Villanova Wildcats – and their sustained success

Back in 1985, the Villanova Wildcats won a championship in an upset over Georgetown. It was the most unlikely win you can imagine, a great success story. But that story ended. The success was real and important, but it was a generation ago. 

Fast forward to 2016, and the Villanova team were national champions again. But was this going to be another once-in-31-year thing? Time would tell. 

Two years later, time did tell. 

Villanova—national champions again! That’s two titles in three years, sustained success. 

The program has a culture that people want to be a part of, now. They have a system that encourages sharing, that gives student athletes a green light to be themselves. And we see the results—the team won six games in the tournament, none closer than 12 points. 

They’ve proven they belong. They’ve proven they can be successful, not just once in a while, but in a sustained way. And that’s the kind of success you want to build, on the court, off the court, anywhere.