NIL Pros and Cons | The College Game Is Changed Forever

NIL Pros and Cons - The College Game Is Changed Forever

In the ever-evolving landscape of collegiate athletics, the emergence of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals has sparked a profound shift in how student-athletes navigate their careers and capitalize on their talents. These groundbreaking changes allow collegiate athletes to monetize their personal brands, opening the door for endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other opportunities. While hailed … Read more

Mental Strength with Dr. Brook Choulet

Mental Strength with Dr. Brook Choulet | Athlete Mindset Podcast on SportsE Media

In this episode of Athlete Mindset, Lisa shares space with Dr. Brook Choulet, a renowned concierge psychiatrist specializing in sports psychiatry. With a passionate commitment to enhancing the mental health and performance of athletes and high achievers, Dr. Choulet shares her unique approach to psychiatry, her journey into the specialized field of sports psychiatry, and … Read more

Lisa Bonta Sumii on the Importance of Therapy

An Athlete Mindset special episode featuring Lisa Bonta Summi’s thoughts on the importance of therapy. In this episode, Lisa Bonta Sumii discusses the following topics: The importance of seeking out a mental health professional. Therapy does not make you weak, and you don’t have to tell everything to your therapist. You can engage in preventative … Read more

TLH Reckoning – Women’s Soccer Franchise | Ashlee Fontes-Comber

An Athlete Mindset podcast episode featuring Ashlee Fontes-Comber, the founder and CEO of TLH Reckoning and the former president of United Soccer Coaches. TLH Reckoning, also known as Tallahassee Reckoning, is a professionally operated women’s soccer franchise breaking geographic and institutional barriers. TLH Reckoning is inspired by the generations of elite talent in Tallahassee, Florida. … Read more

Danita Johnson, D.C. United | Consistency, Communication, Commitment

Danita Johnson, D.C. United | Consistency, Communication, Commitment

In this empowering episode of Athlete Mindset, we’re honored to host Danita Johnson, a trailblazer in the world of sports. As the President of Business Operations for D.C. United, Danita brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and leadership to the forefront. We discuss the core themes of consistency, communication, and commitment. And then explore how … Read more

Duke University, Basketball, and Family with Vanessa De Jesus

Duke University, Basketball, and Family with Vanessa De Jesus

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Athlete Mindset podcast! In today’s conversation, we sit down with Vanessa De Jesus, a remarkable collegiate basketball player from Duke University, also known for her significant role in the Philippine National Team. Beyond her prowess on the court, Vanessa discusses her life off the court, where it’s all … Read more

Hoops and Healing with Bianca McCall, Reach-In Now

Hoops and Healing with Bianca McCall

Bianca McCall. A story and a journey that transcends the AAU courts and professional basketball in Italy. Her story on the Athlete Mindset podcast touches on valuable lessons learned both on and off the court. Witnessing the limitations of access to youth sports, Bianca champions efforts to make it more inclusive. Her transition from athlete … Read more

The Mental Game in Sports with Aren Ulmer

Exploring the Mental Game in Sports with Aren Ulmer

A conversation about the mental game in sports and performance. This episode features special guest, Aren Ulmer. In this episode, we discuss athlete mental health and Aren’s own journey as an athlete and beyond. Episode Highlights from The Mental Game in Sports with Aren Ulmer: Journey to Mental Wellness: Discover the spark that ignited Aren’s interest … Read more

The AthMindset Workbook

The AthMindset Workbook

In this special episode of the Athlete Mindset, two influential figures in the field of athlete mental health join forces. This time our host Lisa Bonta Sumii is a guest along with Dr. Tiana S. Woolridge, on the Twins Talk it Up Podcast. As experts in the field, they offer their distinctive insights on athlete … Read more