A Dell Curry Basketball Camp Giving Story

A Dell Curry Basketball Camp Giving Story | SportsEpreneur

A post not about giving, but a post about those that give, every day. And highlighting them. A few years ago, my son attended the Mugsy Bogues Basketball Camp. He had a great time, learned a lot, and met a lot of other kids. Some of those kids, we found out, would not have been … Read more

SE34 | Coach Alan Major | Talking the Great Game of Basketball

Coach Alan Major | Talking the Great Game of Basketball | SE Podcast

Let’s talk basketball. Today we speak with recurring podcast guest and basketball coach, Alan Major. In this episode, we discuss the length of basketball seasons, why a game matters, and the upcoming NCAA rule changes. 

With Coach Major taking a redshirt year, he was able to find time to come talk basketball with us. Coach Major is a former assistant at Ohio State, Xavier, and other schools. He is also the former head coach for UNC Charlotte.  

Eric had a lot of thoughts around basketball to talk through and who better to do this with than friend and former podcast guest, Alan Major. 

We are excited to feature Coach Alan Major on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Young Players Are…Young

Young Players Are...Young | SportsEpreneur | Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and Young Business Professionals I hear negative comments about young players in all sports, but most recently in basketball. People go at these players as if these kids are finished products—as if anybody is ever a finished product. Take 22-year-old Ben Simmons, of the Philadelphia 76ers, a phenom by all accounts. He is … Read more

Think Big Picture

Think Big Picture | SportsEpreneur | NBA Season Is About the Big Picture

How the NBA Season and Your Business is All About the Big Picture Every NBA team’s season is full of wins and losses and strategic decisions, but that win or loss doesn’t mean the same thing for every team. The right decision for one team might be the wrong decision for another. That’s because not … Read more

Living in the Past: The Los Angeles Lakers Way

Living in the Past: The Los Angeles Lakers Way | SportsEpreneur | Don't Follow Them

The Los Angeles Lakers have been living in the past. And what a past it was! Wilt Chamberlin, Showtyme, Kobe, and Shaq? It makes sense that the team and their fans would want to re-live their glory days. I think any basketball fan would sign up for that history. But that’s just it—it’s history, in … Read more

You Can’t Make ‘Em All

You Can’t Make ‘Em All | SportsEpreneur | NC State Basketball

A business lesson learned from the NC State vs. Clemson basketball game–you can’t make ’em all.  My friend and I went out to lunch the other day, where we sat and talked as we waited for our food to arrive. And waited and waited. Seems the establishment we had chosen was having a slow day. … Read more

SE06 | Marcus Fizer | A Basketball Journey

Marcus Fizer | A Basketball Journey | SE Podcast | Iowa State Basketball

Take a walk in a basketball star’s shoes. Our guest today is Marcus Fizer, former basketball player for Iowa State University and the Chicago Bulls. In this episode, we discuss a basketball career and the journey of an NBA player. ——Marcus is a former McDonald’s High School All American, an Iowa State Cyclone legend, the number 4 pick in the 2000 NBA Draft, and a former Chicago Bull. He shares many stories from his playing days at Iowa State, his time in the NBA with the Bulls, and his life after playing professional basketball. Marcus gets very real with us in this chat and we are excited to bring this to you. Marcus’s success on and off the court have us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Klay Thompson’s Ridiculous Blame Game

Klay Thompson’s Ridiculous Blame Game | SportsEpreneur

I’m not here to call into question the basketball skills of Klay Thompson. He is a phenomenal player and is having a heck of a career—but he just voiced one of the worst thoughts of the sports year. After the biggest upset (per the spread at least) in the NBA since 2016, Klay Thompson was … Read more

SE01 | Galen Duncan of the Sacramento Kings | Professional Development in Sports

Galen Duncan of the Sacramento Kings | Professional Development in Sports

A true leader for athletes on and off the court. Today we are chatting with Galen Duncan, VP of Professional Development for the Sacramento Kings. In this episode, we discuss NBA Super Teams and the Kings Way. 


Galen works with the Kings players inside the Kings Academy program with a focus on players maturing into well-rounded professionals on and off the court.    

He previously was the Senior Director of Player Development for the Detroit Lions.  

Galen had a lot to say about leadership and mentorship, and of course helping others on their journey. 

Galen’s success and leadership on and off the court have us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

Pretend It’s The Championship

Pretend It’s The Championship | SportsEpreneur Motivation

As my daughter, Chloe, gets ready for basketball camp, she looks at me and says, “Daddy, you know how I get myself to play hard? I pretend it’s the championship.” If that didn’t give me insight! I’ve always felt the best advice can be so simple, stuff right in front of us. How do you … Read more