Motivate Your Team: Lose on Purpose

Motivate Your Team: Lose on Purpose

as proven by the Coach of the 1992 Dream Team Lose on purpose? Have I completely lost it? Some might say I have, but stay with me here. I’m talking about a way to motivate your team. It’s not going to work for everybody—no one thing does—and you have to stay true to yourself and … Read more

It’s Time to Back Up that Talk

It’s Time to Back Up that Talk

Nobody likes a big talker in basketball. Maybe they actually live their talk and play well—maybe they’re just big words. But either way, the bragging and self-praise grate on people’s nerves and drain the energy of fans and teammates alike. The best players let their skills do the talking. They don’t waste time bragging, and … Read more

What Tim Duncan Can Teach You About Consideration for Others

What Tim Duncan Can Teach You About Consideration for Others

At the end of the 2016 NBA Regular Season, I was driving to an appointment while listening to NBA Radio on SiriusXM. Expecting to hear a conversation about the upcoming playoffs, I instead heard an interview with former Wake Forest Basketball Coach, Dave Odom. Odom was discussing the legend that is Tim Duncan, who was … Read more

Hustle for That Ball Loose on the Court

Hustle For That Ball Loose on the Court

It was 2004. I was the new guy at my company, trying to build up my reputation. I had to spend most of my time getting out and just meeting new prospects: financial advisors, property and casualty agencies, and life insurance agents. Once I met them, the idea was to build a relationship and show … Read more

Unlock Your Greatness: Be a Sissy

Unlock Your Greatness: Be a Sissy - Free Throws

Some of the greatest basketball players of all time could have been even greater if they hadn’t been so afraid of looking like a “sissy.” Are you making the same kind of mistake? Wilt Chamberlain made history by scoring 100 points in a single game. Shaquille O’Neal led the NBA in field goal percentage ten times. … Read more

Recovering From a Season of Complacency

Recovering From a Season of Complacency

Let’s be honest; complacency can sneak up on the best of us. In an earlier post, we discussed what complacency is and how it can sabotage your career if it isn’t addressed. Unfortunately, the 2004 American Olympic Men’s Basketball Team provided a great example of exactly how talented people can fall short this way. In … Read more

Don’t Let Complacency End Your Game

Complacency at the Olympics

Complacency–it’s a habit, a frame of mind, a way we set ourselves up for loss without even realizing it. Remember the 2004 USA Olympic men’s basketball team? It was a huge disappointment. This was the year in which a star-studded team coached by Larry Brown let complacency get the better of them. The team had the … Read more

Talent Does Matter, Just Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers - talent

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, in part, because they were lucky enough to have some great players. Maybe that sounds like a put-down, like they didn’t work for it, and that’s not what I mean at all. This is not me raining on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ parade—which, by the way, was an incredible … Read more

Foul Trouble Means Opportunity

Opportunity - Steph Curry

Basketball is one sport where if you commit too many fouls, you can’t play anymore. Often times, the coach needs to sit a player to keep them eligible to play later in the game. The big problem is the coach then needs to replace a good player with a lesser player. It might seem there … Read more