Make Youth Sports Fun Again

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One of the best parts about watching youth sports is witnessing the purity and innocence of the sports we once fell in love with. One of the worst parts of watching youth sports is the over-involved parenting that can occur. We’ve all seen it or experienced it in an essence and it can be detrimental … Read more

The WNBA New Jersey Drop Makes Waves

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The WNBA new jersey drop 🌊 ! The WNBA and Nike released the new jerseys the women of each 12 teams will wear in the 2021 season – and they are powerful. The league is heading into their 25th season – marking 25 years of empowering women through sport and shattering every glass ceiling meant … Read more

Esports: A Different Way To Think Of Sport

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The sports industry was one of the hardest-hit industries thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one sport seemed to thrive in a time left uncertain to the rest: Esports. Shortened seasons, empty stadiums, and daily coronavirus testing left players, coaches, and fans in defeat. But as people were encouraged to stay home, finding ways to … Read more

The Future of College Basketball – Where Is It Headed?

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March Madness is the time of year for die-hard college basketball fans and bystanders alike to put together competitive brackets and have friendly banter over which team they believe will cut down the net and take home the hardware. Some partakers will support a low-seeded underdog, but most will typically bet on teams like Kentucky, … Read more

University of North Carolina Promotes Hubert Davis to Head Basketball Coach – Here’s Why It Matters

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The University of North Carolina is hiring within the Tar Heel family to replace men’s basketball’s newly-retired head coach Roy Williams. UNC announced Monday the promotion of Hubert Davis from assistant coach to the program’s head honcho. While any coaching promotion is due for announcement, Davis’ case is different. Davis becomes North Carolina’s first Black … Read more

Taking a Stand Against MLB Blackout Restrictions

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If you’re a Major League Baseball fan to any degree, you know how much everyone hates the MLB blackout restrictions. For everyone else, let me break it all down for you. The basic idea of a blackout is if you can go watch a game in person, the league doesn’t want you watching it on … Read more

The Missteps of the NCAA

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When the women’s teams from across the country arrived in San Antonio to compete in the 2021 NCAA Tournament, images and videos went viral of the disparities between what the women were provided in their tournament compared to the men’s NCAA tournament in Indianapolis. Ali Kershner, sports performance coach at Stanford, posted a side-by-side photo … Read more

The New Rookie

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On June 13, 2016, Whit Merrifield, the newest rookie of the Kansas City Royals, hit his first major league home run off of the Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Carrasco. Seconds after, on June 13, 2016, I looked at my dad in section 139 of Kauffman Stadium and told him “I’m going to be a baseball reporter … Read more