How Prioritizing Short-Term Gain Crushed Baylor Football

In the fall of 2015, we wrote about the Baylor football program and how they were not managing their negative publicity. The problem was that a student had transferred into the program despite a prior accusation of assault. When that student was convicted of sexual assault while at Baylor, many people questioned how much Head … Read more

Building Your Brand #3: How to Manage Negative Publicity

So, you’ve taken a risk, tried a few new things (that worked) and now the public is watching. That’s the good news—brand recognition is a big part of business success. But the bad news is that the public is watching and anything that goes wrong, or even seems to go wrong, can lead to bad … Read more

Building Your Brand #2: How to Score Big with Innovation

This is the second in a four-part series on branding. I’ve already talked in the introduction about how an unrecognized team can succeed, but to keep that success coming you’ve got to build name recognition—you’ve got to build your brand. And you can do that through innovation. That’s as true in college football as it … Read more

Building Your Brand: A 4-part Series / College Football Shows Us How

It seems like every year we see a blue chip program, a college football team everyone expects to win, beaten by a relative unknown. How is this possible? The public just didn’t recognize the second team’s brand. People like what they know—that doesn’t mean unknown teams can’t be any good. It all is a part … Read more