Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

Ryan Day Names the Buckeye Starting QB, or Did He?

The Intrigue of the Buckeye Starting QB Drama is a Tale of Predictions, Surprises, and Fan Frenzy. Every morning, as the summer sun rises over Columbus, Ohio, fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes wake up with a burning question: Who will be the starting quarterback for one of the nation’s premier college football programs? In … Read more

Why Simone Biles Leaving Nike for Athleta Matters

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Simone Biles, one of the most decorated gymnasts in the world, left her sponsorship with Nike for the female-led brand Athleta last week, just three months before the 2021Tokyo Olympics. While it may seem like a simple change-of-contracts to some, Biles is paving the way for female-athletes to choose their sponsorships based on representation versus … Read more

NFL Rule Changes: Jersey Numbers, Replays, More

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

The owners of each NFL franchise voted on a number of rule changes on Wednesday, surrounding expanded jersey numbers and officiating changes. Following the COVID-ridden 2020 season and the many controversies surrounding officiating and challenge questions, the league recognized that there needs to be some level of changes. The NFL has a long history of … Read more

SE41 | Why SportsEpreneur Exists with Founder, Eric Kasimov

Why SportsEpreneur Exists with Founder, Eric Kasimov | SE Podcast

Creating analogies between sports and business. In this episode, our SportsEpreneur Founder, Eric Kasimov explains the SportsEpreneur story and why this content platform exists. This content platform has developed in incredible ways throughout the years and has lead to amazing opportunities. We hope you can learn from Eric’s story of why he built this platform, SportsEpreneur.

Are you an athlete or entrepreneur looking to learn more about creating your own content that matters? We encourage you to check out our Content Matterz platform. On this platform, we discuss quick hitting topics in and around the world of content marketing. We hope you can learn from us and our stories. 

Why SportsEpreneur Exists with Eric Kasimov Headlines
Eric’s Desire to Create a Content Platform Around Sports
Why Sports and Business Relate
Applying Sports Analogies to Business
Changing the Perspective of Business Professionals
The Importance of Giving Content
What SportsEpreneur Has Lead To
Doing Fun Work

Create a Blog that Ties Into Your Business

Insider: It’s Why Sportsepreneur.com exists   Have you ever thought about creating a blog based around your passion and then tying it into your business. For example, within KazSource we have done this by creating a blog using sports to write about entrepreneurialism (Sportsepreneur). Sportsepreneur becomes the content platform. People would rather read about sports … Read more