SE57 | Tell Your Story the Way You Want It to Be Heard | Jonathan Lubic

SE57 | Jonathan Lubic of Distinction Agency | Tell Your Story the Way You Want It to Be Heard | SE

Finding opportunities during trying times. In this episode, we feature the Co-Founder & President of Distinction Agency, Jonathan Lubic. Having the mindset to even think about opportunity starts with telling your story the way you want it to be heard. That line about telling your story is so true. It’s why we were excited to … Read more

SE54 | Creating an Engaged Fan Base | GMDY Co-Founder, Danny Harris

GMDY Co-Founder, Danny Harris | Creating an Engaged Fan Base

Building fan and athlete relationships through real-time shopping. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with GMDY Co-Founder, Danny Harris. GMDY empowers athletes and gives sports fans a better way to shop. Eric and Danny discuss an athlete’s influence, personal branding, and creating engaged sports fans.   The “I see it, I want it” mentality has captured many people. That’s … Read more