THE BUFFALONIAN PODCAST 1 | It’s Buffalo Bills Season, Sabres Coming Soon, Blue Jays and Bisons Down the Stretch

The Buffalonian Podcast

The Buffalonian Podcast, now presented by SportsE+. And on the KazSource Podcast Network! We’re excited to feature a Buffalo sports podcast, because well, is there anything better than Buffalo sports 😬?! And, it’s Buffalo Bills season! Joe, Dominic, and Michael are the awesome hosts of The Buffalonian Podcast. And here they are with this first … Read more

SE22 | Marques Sullivan | The Pride of Being a Buffalo Bill

SportsE+ Podcast Cover

Providing insight into the positives of playing for the Buffalo Bills. In this episode, we discuss Buffalo, New York, an NFL career, and building a business that helps high school athletes reach their dreams. All of this and more with former Illinois and Buffalo Bills offensive lineman, Marques Sullivan.

Marques and Eric met on Twitter after Marques made his thoughts felt about someone hating on Buffalo, NY.  Marques wasn’t having any of that. As someone who was born and raised in Buffalo, Eric was drawn to his commentary. From that, he’s come to learn about all the amazing things Marques is doing. So it’s an honor to chat with Marques on this podcast. 

With that, we are excited to feature Marques Sullivan on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

SE08 | Tom Murphy | Catcher for the Seattle Mariners

Tom Murphy | Learn Work Ethic from a Professional Catcher | SE Podcast

Born from hard work and great effort. Today we speak with Tom Murphy, Catcher for the Seattle Mariners. In this episode, we discuss the Major League Baseball Journey, The Seattle Mariners, and youth baseball. —— Last season, Tom played for the Colorado Rockies. Before his time in professional baseball, Tom played collegiate ball at the University of Buffalo. Tom shares stories from his time playing little league baseball in Upstate, New York to becoming a major leaguer to moving this past offseason from the Rockies to the Giants to the Mariners. We always talk about finding the positive and Tom showcases his positive mindset in this conversation. And as you will hear from Tom, it’s born from hard work and great effort. Tom’s success on and off the field has us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

SE02 | Mike Hollis | Professional Football Player Turned Entrepreneur

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A true athlete turned entrepreneur. Our guest today is Mike Hollis, former professional football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In this episode we discuss the life of an NFL Kicker and the transition from pro sports to entrepreneurship.  


You remember Mike as the kicker that took down Eric’s Buffalo Bills in the 1996 Playoffs! Mike played in the NFL for 9 years with the Jags, Bills, and New York Giants. 

Mike lives in Jacksonville, FL where he runs ProForm Kicking Academy and is a Managing Partner in a software development company in the meal prep industry. 

He has a lot to say about youth sports, how to handle high stakes pressure, and of course entrepreneurship! 

Mike’s success on and off the field have us excited to feature him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

What’s Your Super Bowl?

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Super Bowl Sunday. Biggest sporting event of the year. But if your team isn’t playing in the game this year, don’t assume you don’t get a Super Bowl. Now, I don’t mean consuming mass amounts of chicken wings, or anything similar, and I’m not necessarily talking about sports. I mean what is the biggest event … Read more

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism

The Wonder of Sports and Entrepreneurialism | SportsEpreneur Content

When you wake up in the morning, do you know what is going to happen? I don’t mean do you have a schedule or a plan, I mean do you really know for sure what the day holds? Of course, you don’t. Does not knowing bother you? Or is it exciting? I started thinking about … Read more

I Couldn’t Disagree More with Buffalo Bills Coach, Sean McDermott

I Couldn’t Disagree More with Buffalo Bills Coach, Sean McDermott

My response to Coach Sean McDermott’s statement of “we don’t lose, we learn.”   Actually, when you lose, you really do lose  Losing stinks, but it’s worse when you refuse to admit defeat.   This past Sunday, out of nowhere, Coach Sean McDermott benched his starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, for fifth-round rookie quarterback, Nathan Peterman. The decision was met with criticism from all over—the local … Read more