The Story About My Summer Internship

This is my story of the summer internship with KazSource, Inc. The company that owns this content platform, SportsEpreneur. -by John Priore   Flash back to the morning of May 8th. My alarm goes off, I wake up, hop in the shower, and start my day. During my hour drive to South Charlotte, I think about my new summer internship with KazSource. What will it be like? … Read more

Young Employees (Players) May Perform Well in the Moment

In sports, you hear contradictory things about rookies (young employees) all the time. That they’re great players because they put it all out there—they don’t know enough yet to feel the pressure, don’t realize how much they’re risking. They are out there having fun, living on the edge, and willing to try new things. Or, that rookies … Read more

Kevin Durant’s Decision: A Year Later

Kevin Durant was under major scrutiny last summer for his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. The unexpected move shook up the NBA, made us uneasy, and gave fans something to talk about. We weighed in on the discussion with an article ourselves, giving you 4 Things You Can Learn from Kevin Durant’s Career … Read more

The Side Hustle Is Real and You Can Do It Too

Words & Sports

Are you in a job you don’t love? Do you think you were destined for more? Do you complain about your job, but lack the financial resources to quit? Turns out, there is something you can do about it: hustle. Hustle while you work. Be an entrepreneur mornings, lunches, evenings, and weekends. Earn enough so … Read more

4 Things You Can Learn from Kevin Durant’s Career Move

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

In a decision that rocked the NBA, Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. I am not here to debate whether this was a good move or not and if you agree with his decision, but there are a few things you can learn from Kevin Durant. 1) Do What’s Best … Read more