The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Teach Us All About Obstacles

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quite successful over the last few years. They have reached three straight NBA Finals, all against the Golden State Warriors. Though it may sound like it has been an easy road for this team, it has been far from easy. They have had to overcome many obstacles to achieve the … Read more

Don’t Manufacture Off-Days: A Cleveland Cavaliers Story

I believe that leading by example is a great form of leadership, in business or otherwise. When the leaders give it their all, it’s inspiring. When they don’t, it has a negative effect on the team as a whole. That’s another part of why I was concerned by the Cleveland Cavaliers apparently trying to coast … Read more

Paying Attention to Process, But Not Context: The Cleveland Cavaliers

The other week, we posted an article about how the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t respecting the process of the regular season of the NBA. That’s one way to look at it. Another possibility is that the Cavaliers are thinking very carefully about the process—it’s the big picture they’ve lost sight of. Look, I’m a fan of … Read more

Why It Would Be Terrible for the NBA If the Cleveland Cavaliers Won the 2017 NBA Championship

The Cleveland Cavaliers have accomplished quite a bit recently—most importantly, they won the 2016 NBA Championship a year after they lost it. It was an amazing feat. Then the 2016-2017 NBA season started. And really, the Cleveland Cavaliers cruised along, running in first place in the Eastern Conference for almost the entire season. But starting … Read more

Mindset Helps | Just Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Up 3-1 in the NBA Finals, it seemed like just a matter of time until the Golden State Warriors were crowned back-to-back NBA Champions. Little did they know the Cleveland Cavaliers had the right mindset to bring about a different outcome. Now mindset wasn’t the only reason the Cavs won. They had LeBron James, Kyrie … Read more

Talent Does Matter, Just Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, in part, because they were lucky enough to have some great players. Maybe that sounds like a put-down, like they didn’t work for it, and that’s not what I mean at all. This is not me raining on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ parade—which, by the way, was an incredible … Read more