3 Requirements for Making Adjustments in Your Business

The NBA Playoffs Prove Adjustments Are Critical for Success   In Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, “#AskGaryVee“, he uses a sports metaphor about how important it is to be a good halftime coach (page 7 of his book). Never are adjustments more important than during the playoffs. And with the NBA playoffs underway, we will get to … Read more

3 Ways to Deal With a Setback

3 Ways to Deal With a Setback

The text said, “call me”. Instantly, I knew something wasn’t right. I figured it wasn’t anything tragic, but bad news nonetheless. I called my wife, who told me she was on her way to our son’s school. Mason had broken his wrist while playing soccer in PE. Now, kids break limbs daily. With three kids, … Read more

Kevin Durant’s Injury is Proof that You Just Never Know

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors were just cruising along through the season. They had the best record, the most all-stars, and the highest hope for a championship of any NBA team. And then a weird thing happened; Kevin Durant sprained his MCL during a game against the Washington Wizards. Sure, the Warriors might … Read more

Until Summer

You win some and you lose some, we all know that. But sometimes a loss feels different. Worse. While watching an Ohio State Buckeyes game in 2016, the announcer talked about an interview he did with the Buckeyes coach, Urban Meyer, in which Meyer opened up about the 2015 loss to the Michigan State Spartans. … Read more

Summary of Fellow Entrepreneur Post: Prepare for Challenges

SE+ Perspective | a perspective on sports matters

I have a colleague, Tom Hamilton, an entrepreneur who maintains a blog for his company, Hamilton Edwards, and recently posted something that made me think about Sportsepreneur. I thought it would be good to summarize it for you and then send you to his website so you can see it for yourself. The piece starts with … Read more