Ally Miklesh & Sydney Strelow: Wisconsin Softball Stars | From The Players E8

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Wisconsin Softball Stars. Small Town, No Probelm. In this episode of From The Players, we explore the inspiring journeys of Wisconsin natives and exceptional Wisconsin softball players, Sydney Strelow and Ally Miklesh. Discover how they (and host Sydney Supple) all transitioned from their small-town Wisconsin upbringings to excelling at the highest collegiate level. This empowering conversation … Read more

More Than a Game

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How college football programs like Ohio State draw attention for other endeavors. The football game is the entertainment, the game is the draw. But if you think a sports program (say, the Ohio State Buckeyes) is only about playing football, you’re not paying attention.  Think about the gear: the shirts, jerseys, hats. Think about the food and … Read more

Dabo Did the Right Thing

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Dabo Swinney, Head Coach of the Clemson Tigers Made a Major Decision that Shook College Football Update: January 8, 2019 With the Clemson Tigers winning the College Football National Championship, Dabo Swinney has proved that his mid-season decision to change quarterbacks was the right move. Many fans and non-fans questioned this move when it happened. Not … Read more