Saviors & Sports | NFL Sunday Ticket and Rooting for Losers

Saviors & Sports | NFL Sunday Ticket and Rooting for Losers

Saviors & Sports… a mashup of sorts! A special edition of The Sports Backdrop brings you the ridiculous yet super-insightful sports segments from the latest Saviors of the Metaverse podcast. This is all for your amusement and enlightenment. Get ready to laugh, facepalm, and maybe even learn a thing or two as the Saviors’ co-hosts … Read more

A Polarizing Baker Mayfield and the Sports Media | SportsEpreneur Take

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

At SportsEpreneur, we like to pay attention to the sports media.  For example: The disingenuous behavior of the mainstream media: here’s an article and podcast on the topic. The good we can find in the sports world And other stories that pique our interest for whatever reason, like this Baker Mayfield story. The polarizing Baker Mayfield gave the media what they wanted. … Read more

The Denzel Ward Draft Pick Proves You Should Ignore Outside Noise

This article is sponsored by Erie and Anchor. Erie and Anchor is an apparel brand for those who love, live, and play on Lake Erie. This article is not about the success of the Cleveland Browns. That would be a short article—and that’s no knock on the Browns. My dad is from Cleveland. I’m an … Read more