Tribalism in Sports x Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan Psychology, Tribalism in Sports, and Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan psychology and player mindset play an enormous role in sports — especially when we add tribalism to the equation. Tribalism in sports is nothing new. It’s just that we see and deal with it more than ever because of social media. And when it comes to Buckeye sports (football) we see it weekly! We … Read more

Owning a Mistake May Lead to Success

As Proven by Francisco Lindor of the Cleveland Indians   The Cleveland Indians came back to beat the Texas Rangers thanks to a Grand Slam by Francisco Lindor in the top of the 9th inning. But what was more impressive is how Lindor handled his error in the 5th inning that could have cost his … Read more