What Coaching Little League Baseball Taught Me About Leadership

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This article about coaching little league baseball is a guest post by Gino Trapani. Gino was recently a guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. You can find that episode here. I recently wrapped up my third year of coaching little league baseball. The final game and end-of-season pizza party is always a mixed bag of … Read more

Balancing Motivation with Satisfaction

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This audio video is from our recent “Entrepreneur Perspectives” Podcast, Episode 33: Perspectives of a Sports Counselor (LCPC) with Derek Bylsma.  This clip features our guest, Derek Bylsma of Millennium Hope Counseling Center. Derek is discussing balancing motivation with satisfaction and why it is so important.      You can hear the entire podcast at Entrepreneur Perspectives.  … Read more

As Gary Vaynerchuk Said, Be a Good Halftime Coach

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You can imagine my excitement when the entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk used a sports metaphor in his book, “#AskGaryVee.” It’s on page 7. He said be a good halftime coach: make adjustments. Oh, that was music to my ears. It’s good advice, too. You can ask Scott, in my office, how much I adjust to changing circumstances. … Read more

4 Lessons I Learned from Coaching Youth Basketball

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The 5th grade boys basketball team that I coach finished its season recently. We won one game! More importantly, memories were made and lessons were learned—lessons that reach far beyond boys’ basketball.   1. Focus on the fundamentals Not once throughout the season did we face a team that played man-to-man defense. Not one time. … Read more