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Soccer, Coffee, and Social Media

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A story about soccer, coffee and social media   It’s a cold, rainy Sunday morning. Turf fields make playing soccer possible on days like today. We’re ready.    I mean, my son is ready, he’ll be the one playing. I’ll be a spectator in the stands. I’m also the driver. There’s no time for my morning coffee, we have to … Read more

Take Control of Your Email Inbox by Unsubscribing

I follow a lot of incredible thought leaders, from Seth Godin to Gary Vaynerchuk to Lewis Howes (and the list goes on from there). I keep tabs on a lot of interesting companies in fields from marketing to tech to sports to insurance. Then there are products and brands I like to be kept in the know about. All of this following means getting lots of … Read more

The Magic Johnson Plan: Let People Do Their Jobs

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And Why You Should Too   Magic Johnson was recently hired to be the next President of Basketball Operations of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, anytime we get to hear from the legends of the 80’s and 90’s is a win in my book, but more than that, I like what Magic Johnson said in … Read more

Listening Skills: Do You Hear Jimi Hendrix?

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White Men Can’t Jump was an iconic 90’s movie about street basketball. For this post, we are going to pull out and really look at this one line we’ve paraphrased below: “You listen to Jimi Hendrix, but you don’t hear Jimi.” We aren’t going to dissect the meaning of every word in this line, but … Read more

Top 10 Hacks to Genuinely Increase Your Twitter Following

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inside scoop: I use all of these Twitter following hacks myself There are many ways to fluff your Twitter following. Just like there are many ways to cheat in golf. Neither gets you anywhere so why do it? Here are 10 Hacks to build your Twitter following with people that will actually engage with you! … Read more

5 Lessons from NASCAR

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I am not a die-hard NASCAR fan, but it has always amazed me how closely the people involved with racing work together. Watch the pit crews, for example; every movement is so carefully choreographed that they can refuel, change tires, even make minor repairs, all in just a few seconds. A race can be won … Read more

3 Reasons Talking to Your Team Is Critical to Your Success

3 Reasons Talking to Your Team is Critical to Your Success | SE Content

If you watch any sporting event, live or on television, you will see the team members talking with each other. Not all of that talk is helpful (yelling and complaining does nobody any good), but the best teams communicate well and often. The same is true in business. Here are three ways you can use … Read more