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Sports Culture | England vs USA

Sports Culture | England vs USA

Across the Atlantic, there is a unique sports culture. And no matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, England’s or the USA’s, the sports culture is fascinating. Everything from relegation, history, depth, drafts, transfer windows, passion, youth sports, and much more. In the latest episode of “The Sports Backdrop” podcast, Eric Kasimov of … Read more

Balancing Motivation with Satisfaction

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This audio video is from our recent “Entrepreneur Perspectives” Podcast, Episode 33: Perspectives of a Sports Counselor (LCPC) with Derek Bylsma.  This clip features our guest, Derek Bylsma of Millennium Hope Counseling Center. Derek is discussing balancing motivation with satisfaction and why it is so important.      You can hear the entire podcast at Entrepreneur Perspectives.  … Read more