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Imagine If Steph Curry Didn’t Shoot Three-Pointers!

Use your talent | What If Steph Curry Didn't Shoot 3's

Imagine Steve Kerr calls a timeout. The Golden State Warriors are playing well, but something is missing. Steph Curry won’t shoot the three-ball. He is open, but he is not taking the shot. Kerr asks him the most basic question possible: “Steph, why aren’t you shooting three-pointers?!” Steph answers, “I dunno.” Imagine being a great … Read more

Why This Former Athlete Believes In Podcasts

former athlete believes in podcasting | SportsE Media

Podcasts have become an influential medium in the sports world, bridging gaps between athletes, enthusiasts, and the media. It goes deeper than that though. Former athletes, for example, have so many stories to share. In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we discuss why podcasts resonate so powerfully today, and specifically why this former athlete … Read more

Mississippi State University + Dr. James Barnes | Education, Youth Sports, and Marketing Insight

Mississippi State University + Dr. James Barnes | Education, Youth Sports, and Marketing Insight

At the intersection of sports and business sits Mississippi State University’s associate extension professor of economics and online marketing coach, Dr. James Barnes. Dr. James Barnes is a Storybrand Certified Marketing Guide, the Director of the Bricks-To-Clicks Marketing Program at Mississippi State University, a youth basketball coach, and an author. Drawing upon his unique expertise … Read more

Hockey Goes South

Hockey Goes South | The Sports Backdrop Podcast

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop podcast, we chat with Chris Heivly, a successful entrepreneur (co-founder of MapQuest), and an ardent lover of hockey. Chris resides in the Raleigh, North Carolina area — after spending 10 years in the bustling city of Chicago (and before that, the northeast). This hockey goes south episode is … Read more

Sports Culture | England vs USA

Sports Culture | England vs USA

Across the Atlantic, there is a unique sports culture. And no matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, England’s or the USA’s, the sports culture is fascinating. Everything from relegation, history, depth, drafts, transfer windows, passion, youth sports, and much more. In the latest episode of “The Sports Backdrop” podcast, Eric Kasimov of … Read more

From the Field to Sports Journalism

FROM THE PLAYERS - Presented by SportsEpreneur

In this episode of From The Players, host Sydney Supple appears as a guest on the “Athletes to Entrepreneurs” podcast. In this episode, Sydney opens up about her experiences at Northwestern University, where her passion for softball and sports journalism flourished. The conversation navigates through the role of networking, the importance of social media, the implications … Read more

Athletes to Entrepreneurs

Athletes to Entrepreneurs | The Sports Backdrop

This is a unique guest-hosted episode of the Sports Backdrop. And it’s all about life after sports… Athletes to Entrepreneurs. Recently I have had the opportunity to connect with and spend time with Rob Finkelstein, all thanks to Tim Claiborne and his Lockerroom sports group. Rob is the CEO & Founder of Alumni Direct. And … Read more