Halftime Adjustments: Fallacy Bias

Halftime Adjustments: Fallacy Bias | SportsEpreneur

In a recent broadcast of Monday Night Football, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning revealed that the commonly held belief in the importance of “halftime adjustments” in football is a fallacy. Manning said, “I don’t think I ever made a halftime adjustment in my entire 18-year career. I think it is the biggest myth in football … Read more

Tribalism in Sports x Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan Psychology, Tribalism in Sports, and Player Mindset | Buckeye Focused 8

Fan psychology and player mindset play an enormous role in sports — especially when we add tribalism to the equation. Tribalism in sports is nothing new. It’s just that we see and deal with it more than ever because of social media. And when it comes to Buckeye sports (football) we see it weekly! We … Read more

Women’s Coaching Alliance with WCA Founder, Pam Baker

Women's Coaching Alliance with WCA Founder, Pam Baker

The Women’s Coaching Alliance mission is to grow the number of women coaching youth sports. The Founder of the Women’s Coaching Alliance, Pam Baker, chats with Lisa Bonta Sumii in this Athlete Mindset episode. The Women’s Coaching Alliance beginnings: Doug Friedman, who was a Burlingame resident and long-time coach for his daughters, passed away in … Read more

Special Teams War Daddy & DBs Going Low | Buckeye Focused 5

Buckeye Focused Podcast

What’s the future of special teams in football? As Nate Oliver explains, if you take away special teams, you will take away jobs. We get into the importance of special teams and what it takes to be a special teams player — or as Nate calls it, a War Daddy. What is a special teams … Read more

Iowa Football Racial Bias Scandal | Toledo Rockets, Diauntae Morrow, Speaks Truths on Time at Iowa + Bucks vs Rockets in The Shoe | Buckeye Focused 3


Nate Oliver brings on former Iowa Hawkeye and Toledo Rockets safety, Diauntae Morrow, to talk Buckeyes vs Rockets. But the simple fact of these two teams facing off in The Shoe only brought us together to have this dialogue. As our rallying cry goes, “sports bring people together”.  And this conversation is more than just … Read more

The Sports Metaverse | SimWin Sports CMO, Tom Goedde

The Sports Metaverse | with SimWin Sports CMO Tom Goedde

The sports metaverse has arrived and SimWin Sports is changing the game! It’s predicted that by the year 2030, the metaverse market size will be $824 Billion! And with what SimWin Sports is building and who is involved, you have to pay attention. And we have to talk about it… Luckily, we get to talk … Read more