ESPN’s Ethical Issues & Journalistic Integrity Concerns

ESPN Ethical Issues Journalistic Integrity on the Line

In a bold yet controversial move, ESPN launched ESPN Bet in November 2023, entering the sports betting arena. This strategic pivot underscores ESPN’s relentless pursuit of profit and sparks intense debate about the ethical ramifications of such a venture. Without question, ESPN’s ethical issues are a major topic of conversation with ESPN Bet in the … Read more

ESPN BET | The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN BET The Sports Leader Is All-In on Sports Betting

ESPN has made a bold move in a world where sports and betting increasingly intertwine. With its venture, ESPN Bet, the network is not just a bystander but a proactive player in the sports betting arena. This shift reflects a broader trend where major sports leagues and media giants are diving deep into the lucrative … Read more

ClutchTimeout | Fran Fraschilla | Leading Through Adversity

SE - Sports Bring People Together - podcast cover

“Our entire country has been put in a situation of handling adversity.” -Fran Fraschilla. In this episode, we hear stories from Fran on his days coaching at St. Johns and Manhattan, being an analyst with ESPN, and Fran’s thoughts on the state of basketball. Together, Fran Fraschilla and host of the ClutchTimeout podcast series, Alan … Read more

SE24 | The Good and Bad in Sports Media | The Gametime Guru & The SE Team

Sports and Entrepreneurship Blog Article

Sports media wants your clicks. As sports fans it’s often hard to be unbiased. Being real and genuine goes a long way, and often, sports media is not real or genuine.  

With today’s tools, there are ways to find (or create) the platform you want to see. We talk about the good and the bad in sports media.   

We had Shane Larson, the host of The Gametime Guru Podcast, share his thoughts on this topic in this episode.