Jeff Dudan | Undercover Boss, App State Football, and Entrepreneurship

SE60 | Jeff Dudan | Undercover Boss, App State Football, and Entrepreneurship

A dose of entrepreneurial encouragement! As our guest says, “there are a lot of exciting things in this world if you apply yourself and try.” In this episode, we feature the Undercover Boss, entrepreneur, founder, former App State University football player, and impactful youth sports coach, Jeff Dudan. Jeff shares his stories around being a…

Discussing Life After Football with Ohio State Buckeye, Nate Oliver | SE

SE50 | Nate Oliver | Ohio State Buckeyes and Life After Football

The impact of being a Buckeye both on and off the field. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Nate Oliver, Director of the Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program at The Ohio State University, and a key member to the 2007 to 2011 Ohio State Buckeye football program. Eric and Nate discuss the power of mentors, the impact of Coach Jim…

Super Bowl Business Lessons | Charlotte, NC | SportsEpreneur

Super Bowl Business Lessons

Takeaways from the Big Game | Or Simply Put, Super Bowl Business Lessons From Super Bowl 54 As we look back on the 2020 Super Bowl, we can’t help but look for ways to learn from it. While these aren’t lessons for us to teach our favorite teams how to make it to the Super…

Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight (E+R=O) | A Podcast Discussion | Ohio Statdium | TBDBITL | SportsEpreneur

SE40 | Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight (E+R=O) | A Podcast Discussion

Talent is a gift, uncommon is a choice. In this episode, we chat with Tim Kight, Founder of Focus 3 and host of The Focus 3 Podcast with Urban Meyer. We discuss many topics including motivation, uncommon people, and wide receiver Michael Thomas.    

Tim’s business has a mission is to help companies around the world align the power of leadership, culture, and behavior to achieve next level results. 

I first learned of Tim Kight when Ohio State shared the leadership program they had started after the 2012 season. Hearing how they identified Freshman, JT Barrett as an elite leader had me intrigued by what was to come with the Buckeyes.  

Sure enough in 2014, Ohio State won the national championship against a national perception and in the face of much adversity. As I continued to pay attention to the program, it was obvious the strong leadership the program had. And I came to realize the impact Tim Kight was having behind the scenes.  

I would encourage you to become a subscriber to The Focus 3 Podcast. It will absolutely be a difference maker for you. 

Let’s get into uncommon leadership and welcome Tim Kight on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez | Kronis Soccer | Kaz

SE39 | Soccer Goalkeeper Entrepreneur in Abdel Rodriguez

The mentality of a soccer goalkeeper and entrepreneur. In this podcast episode, we speak with Abdel Rodrigues, soccer goalkeeper, trainer, and founder of Kronis. We discuss USA soccer, the immigrant mindset, and youth sports.  

In Abdel’s incredible journey, one thing remains the same–passion. You’ll hear from Abdel, the story of how at a young age he fell in love with the game of soccer and ultimately, the position of soccer goalkeeper. Since then, he never lost passion for it. Now, Abdel makes his living training soccer goalkeepers, playing the sport he loves, and selling soccer goalkeeper gear. 

As a result of Abdel’s passion, mindset, and work ethic, and our own interest in the game of soccer, we are excited to chat with him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Grant Wiley | A Hard-Hitting West Virginia Mountaineer Bouncing Back | SE

SE31 | Grant Wiley | A Hard-Hitting West Virginia Mountaineer Bouncing Back

Bouncing back after taking life’s biggest hits. In this episode, we chat with Grant Wiley, former West Virginia football player and Chief of Culture at Veepio. We discuss becoming a football All-American at West Virginia University, life’s realizations, and being present. All of this and more with Grant Wiley. 

Grant was an all American linebacker at West Virginia University in 2003. He hit hard on the football field, but he quickly found out that life can hit harder. Grant is proof that no matter how hard life hits, you can keep getting back up.  

If you are a fan of motivation, football, and leadership, you will enjoy this conversation. 

We are excited to feature Grant Wiley on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.