Halftime Adjustments: Fallacy Bias

Halftime Adjustments: Fallacy Bias | SportsEpreneur

In a recent broadcast of Monday Night Football, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning revealed that the commonly held belief in the importance of “halftime adjustments” in football is a fallacy. Manning said, “I don’t think I ever made a halftime adjustment in my entire 18-year career. I think it is the biggest myth in football … Read more

Brazilian Football + NFTs | Bruno Pessoa

Youth Brazilian Football + NFTs | Bruno Pessoa

Former Brazilian footballer combines Brazilian football and NFTs at the youth level. As our guest, Bruno Pessoa says, “football is like religion” in Brazil. So enabling the connection between fans and players makes so much sense with new Web3 technology like NFTs. What if we told you there’s a digital way of investing in young … Read more

The Sports Metaverse | SimWin Sports CMO, Tom Goedde

The Sports Metaverse | with SimWin Sports CMO Tom Goedde

The sports metaverse has arrived and SimWin Sports is changing the game! It’s predicted that by the year 2030, the metaverse market size will be $824 Billion! And with what SimWin Sports is building and who is involved, you have to pay attention. And we have to talk about it… Luckily, we get to talk … Read more

AthMindset | Reggie Walker on the Game Within the Game

AthMindset | Reggie Walker on the Game Within the Game | SportsEpreneur

Don’t run from the truth. Examine yourself. Understand how to play the game within the game. Reggie Walker, ex-NFL LB & Captain shares space with Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW, the host of the AthMindset podcast series on SportsEpreneur. Reggie Walker is a mental, physical, and sexual abuse survivor and survivor advocate. He is a … Read more

Gary Brackett & David West | Locker Room to Board Room

Gary Brackett & David West | Locker Room to Board Room

This is a special episode where Alan Major, college basketball coach, and CEO Peter Fuller hosts two former professional athletes now entrepreneurs and leaders, David West and Gary Brackett. This episode is filled with energy, no-nonsense, flat-out leadership, and fundamentals. David West played in the NBA from 2003 to 2018. He played for the Hornets, … Read more